Our dedicated management team is prepared to satisfy all your property management needs, providing a wide range of services, including:

Screening Tenants

The first step in ensuring a smooth experience as an owner of real estate, is to minimize the probabilities of having an inadequate tenant.  To that end, we run background checks on the prospective tenants. Our tenant criteria are compliant with Fair Housing laws and consistently applied to avoid discrimination complaints

Collecting Rents

We strive to make as easy and hassle free as possible for our tenants to pay rent by providing them with multiple payment options (online ACH, debit or credit card payment, mail, direct bank deposit, and/or cash payment at selected locations).  We also follow a rigorous and systematic process to ensure rents are collected on time.

Enforcing leases

We review all the terms of the executed leases, and make sure all the agreed terms are followed both by tenants as well as the owners.  We also handle all related paperwork, including notices, etc.

Managing maintenance issues

We schedule all necessary repairs and maintenance, through licensed contractors, maintaining a log of each incident.  We also handle payment of all maintenance invoices.

Conducting regular inspections

Prior to delivering any unit to a tenant and prior to the end of every lease, we perform walk-through inspections.  We also inspect the properties on a regular basis to ensure the resident is taking care of the respective unit and is in compliance with all terms of their rental agreement.

Preparing financial reports

On a monthly basis, we provide owners with a statement detailing the rent proceeds and any expenses incurred related to the respective property.  We coordinate with tax advisors so that they can generate all required filings.